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ACT Ship

a c t group

about us

We provide complete package of shipping and logistic services for all kind of cargoes at various ports in India.

We are one of the leading custom house agents (CHA), licensed stevedores, warehouse owners for both liquid and dry cargo, shipping agents & ship brokers, affreightment agents, operating at all western and eastern coast ports of India. We handle all kinds of bulk and break-bulk cargoes including coal, petcoke, steel, minerals, agri, fertilisers & fertiliser raw materials, project cargoes, containerised cargoes and various liquid chemicals & oils.

We have our own fleet of bulk cargo handling equipment including tippers, trailers, tankers, loaders, excavators, cranes, etc. for safe and efficient handling of cargoes.

The Group was formed in 1982 with the objective of offering a range of services for facilitating international trade and for being a part of India’s growth story.

our vision

To develop a comprehensive, growth oriented logistic business in all spheres of sea and land trades.

our mission

To become the preferred shipping and logistic partner of our customers, by offering innovative solutions that are efficient and sustainable.

our services

We have over 4 decades of experience as clearing & forwarding agents. Annually, we handle over 5 million metric tonnes of cargos.

Custom broking

We are a licensed custom house agent since 1982, and we have skilled and experienced staff at all port locations along the coastline of India. We specialise in clearing of liquid, chemicals and agro commodities that require variety of licenses and approvals.

Stevedoring & cargo handling

We are a licensed stevedore at the ports of Mundra and Kandla. We handle all types of cargoes for both import and export trades. We have the experience of handling all major commodities like coal, pet-coke, steel, ores, minerals, agro products, heavy & oversized packages, fertilisers & raw materials and various liquid chemicals.

Shipping agency

We have active presence as shipping agents at all major port locations on the west coast and east coast of India. We are a member of BIMCO, one of world’s largest shipping associations, and we locally represent some of the world’s leading vessel owners and operators.

Chartering & ship broking

We are part of a strong and large network of vessel-owners & charterers, and we have excellent relationship with cargo owners. We offer complete chartering services, end-to-end solutions, and great deals to our clients, with special focus on dry bulk and break-bulk cargoes.

Freight forwarding

We have corporate tie-ups with major shipping lines and CFS. We offer complete and end-to-end solutions for your containerised shipments for safe delivery of cargo, worldwide.

Logistics & transportation

We have our own fleet of trailers, dumpers, liquid tankers, pay loaders, excavators, cranes, fork-lifters and other equipment for safe handling, transportation, and delivery of cargoes. We also facilitate coastal movement of dry bulk and break-bulk shipments along the coastline of India.

Warehousing & redistribution

We offer storage, packing, standardising, loading and transportation facilities for bulk and break-bulk cargoes. We have multiple go-downs, both bonded and general purpose, and open yard space near Kandla port, to cater for import and export trades.

Drumming facility in SEZ for liquid chemicals (and distribution of field equipment for oil exploration)

We have a liquid drumming/re-filling facility in Kandla SEZ (KASEZ), operated by our group company ‘sujan oil & gas infra logistics’ (SOGIL). The unit also caters to oil & gas exploration industry by offering services like warehousing of imported machineries, equipment, raw materials, etc.

group companies

our performance

Clearing & forwarding of EXIM cargoes

Over 5 million MT per annum

Clearing & forwarding of import cargoes

Over 4 million MT per annum

Clearing & forwarding of export cargoes

Over 1 million MT per annum

Stevedoring and cargo handling, MT

career opportunities

We are looking for bright, enterprising, self-driven and result-oriented professionals with the right skill sets and qualifications to accelerate our growth.Are you looking for a rewarding yet challenging career option that assures wonderful exposure, outstanding personal development, and excellent growth opportunities?
If so, connect with us now.

some of our valued customers

contact us

Corporate office

Plot No : 391 & 392, Sector 1/A,
Near Mamlatdar’s Office,
Gandhidham - 370 201,
Kutch, Gujarat.
Ph: + 91 (2836) 220 407 / 225320
+91 98243 97798

Registered office

14, Shipping House, Ground Floor,
Kumpta Street, Fort,
Mumbai - 400 001, Maharashtra,
Ph: +91 (22) 6634 7482 / 83 / 84
Fax: +91 (22) 6634 7485

branch offices


Plot No : 391 & 392, Sector – 1/A,
Near Mamlatdar’s Office,
Gandhidham - 370 201,
Kutch, Gujarat.
Ph: + 91 98242 04908 / 94267 30426
Email: /

Mumbai | Nhava Sheva

14, Shipping House,
Ground Floor, Kumpta Street, Fort,
Mumbai - 400 001, Maharashtra.
Ph: +91 (22) 6634 7482 / 75064 49773
Email: /

Dahej | Bharuch | Ankleshwar

Office No : 104 & 105, Arsh Arcade,
Near Shravan Chokdi,
Dahej By-pass Road,
Bharuch - 392 001, Gujarat.
Ph: +91 (2642) 238 515 / 98242 56663
Email: /


F2, 1st Floor, Netage Church Landing Road,
Kochi - 682 016, Kerala.
Ph: +91 (484) 4014357 / 94477 97935
Email: /

Vizag | Gangavaram

402 A, D No. 10-1-9/1, Vinayagar Heights,
Sampat Vinayak Temple Road,
Vishakhapatnam - 530 003, Andhra Pradesh.
Ph: +91 (891) 2792735 / 88862 99771
Email: /


Plot No. 86/B, Near Seva Sadan,
Raj Park 1, Street No. 2, Jamnagar Rajkot Highway,
Jamnagar 361006, Gujarat
Ph: +91 9824256663
Email: /


Near Cargo Honda Showroom,
Shree Ram Water Industries,
Nanakapaya, Bhuj Road,
Mundra - 370 421,
Kutch, Gujarat.
Ph: +91 96876 75104 / 94267 30426
Email: /

Hazira | Surat

Office No : 204-205, 2nd Floor,
Marvella Business Hub,
Opp. New Pal RTO,
Pal-Hazira Road, Adajan,
Surat - 395 009, Gujarat.
Ph: +91 (2612) 788 477 / 92659 48463
Email: /


207, 1st Floor, Ram Complex,
Near Pipavav Port, Pipavav,
Amreli - 365 560, Gujarat.
Ph: +91 (2642) 238 265 / 98242 56663
Email: /


Room No. 18, 1st Floor,
Perumal Chambers,
11/2, 2nd Lane, Beach Road,
Chennai - 600 001, Tamil Nadu.
Ph: +91 (44) 2524 2567 / 94477 97935
Email: /


D. No. 5-5-350/2, 1st Floor,
Kartyayini Mahamaya Complex,
Kodailbail, Mangaluru - 575 003, Karnataka.
Ph: +91 99000 24733 / 81695 76504
Email: /


Ground Floor, House No. 52, 1st Lane, OHSB Colony,
Jagannath Mandir Road, Madhuban,
Paradip 754142, Odisha
Tel: +91 72030 32683

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